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Body Armor Hand Made Jewelry KEITH RICHARDS SKULL RING

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We are always updating our inventory by bringing our customers everything and anything to do with the biker lifestyle. You can rest assured in the fact that we are the only online store that has contracted with Route and Lloyds of london. When placing an order with us you can insure your order and no longer have to worry about someone stealing your boxes from your front door. If your box is lost, stolen or damaged your covered!  All you have to do is click one button and you will be given the choice of a total refund or have another package resent to you. no more worrying about damaged, stolen or lost items. No more having to jump through hoops and placing calls that have you placed on hold over and over. Just one click and that's it.  We contracted with these insurance companies because we value our customers and know your satisfaction is a biggest responsibility. To date we have a 99.7 satisfaction rating and we aim to keep it up.