Gold Pipe Smoking Red Eye Biker Man's Ring

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Gold Pipe Smoking Eye Biker Man's Ring

Three eye variations: Dimond, Ruby, Onex


Made of 100% L316 Stainless Steel.

Ring Weight: 30 Grams.

Skull Face Measue : 1" x 1 1/4" inches.

Red stands for danger, while skulls symbolize death and mortality. If you are looking for a ring that is fierce and angry, then this chunky band might be ideal for you. The punk-rock style of this heavy ring will stand out against any outfit, drawing the eye directly to the hand.

The L316 Solid Super-Buffed Stainless Steal design is super-shiny, having been polished to perfection and features a bright garnet stone in place of an eye. The fire-red gem glows proudly in the highly detailed and intricate skull design. The large skull will take up a prominent position on your hand.