Protecting What Matters in 2019

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Protecting What Matters in 2019

Helmets are more important then you might know. in this blog, we provide valuable information that the majority of bikers have no knowledge of. Unfortunately, we have noticed that 90 plus % of our customers have never read helmet safety standards. This article covers all the essential information you should know.


Protecting What Matters

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In a  1980s commercial for the helmet manufacturer Bell had the slogan: "If you've got a $10 head, wear a $10 helmet". Nowadays it's a deeply-ingrained and widely accepted idea among bikers that it's worth spending a lot of money on your headgear. A top-of-the-line Arai can sell for almost four figures, particularly if you want a nice race rep design, but what are you getting for your money and, in particular, is it any safer than a helmet you pick up for a tenth of that price?

Customer reviews:

I was really confused about buying my first body armor suit and helmet due to a small accident I had slipping and scraping my right side. That was about one year ago in a Wallmart parking lot. Someone must have had a serious oil leak. It took me almost three months to fully recover. My state doesn't require any helmets so I only had shorts and a tee on. My wife, insisted I get proper protection, especially for my head. This Christmas she bought me my first body armor suit and a helmet called Arai, I never heard of the brand but knew she spent some good money on both gifts. I'm here because she saw the value in protection and not the cheap stuff that I would buy. A car ran a light and hit me as I was doing over 50 miles an hour. I flew in the air and landed on my head. The paramedic said “ Buddy that helmet saved your life’. She bought everything from all American biker and I just wanted to personally thank your company for taking the time to inform my wife as she knows less than I do on what to buy for me. If anyone reads this, do yourself a favor and don't be cheap with your life. If your gonna ride always ware a helmet ALWAYS!!! Thanks Again All American Biker.

I'm putting this information for all of the guys and gals worldwide in hopes that it saves someone's life. Knowledge is key. As a fellow rider, we know that anything that can go wrong on the road can and will happen to somebody's loved one. I will be providing some information and links that all my brothers and sisters should check out.

Here are some minimum safety standards for bike helmets. For the USA see the following link.  Snell and DOT,  For the UK, click the following link, BS 6658:1985 specification or the European standard, ECE22.05, The same as the US DOT. these are minimum standards that manufacturers design towards,

Also, see motorcyclist fatalities by state:

2018 national motorcyclists fatalities per state.

We hope that you find the above information helpful. If you love the biker lifestyle feel free to come to visit us at All American Biker. We are a one-stop shop for everything motorcycle. Monthly giveaways, Free shipping on most products, military discounts and friendly service to all our brothers and sisters around the world.


  • Bill A

    Hey, this was the most comprehensive blog I have found on this important topic. I’m buying one of your helmets for my 21-year-old son. The time you took to bring all the important information I needed to make a decision was like being in the right place at the right time. I decided on your ARAI MOTORCYCLE FULL FACE HELMET RAPIDE-IR FLAG USA59-60CM. I know his head is worth that and more. By the way, your store has this helmet close to $100 less than another American biker store online. Thanks again

  • Tony C

    This was a really informative news feed. Well thought out and I really learned a lot. Ive passed it around to some of my buddies, hope that’s okay. Also, I really love this site it brings everything together in one spot. peace out….

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